My work is built on trust, and it is important for me to be open and transparent. Unlike most career coaches, I will happy to provide you with the contact information of the people I have coached.

Here is just some of the feedback on my leadership and mentoring skills from my LinkedIn page.

Lala is one of the most effective managers I have ever had the pleasure of working for. In the three years that I was part of her team, I learned an amazing amount about how to not only work efficiently within our teams but how to embed our teams in the middle of the entire business unit in order to take advantage of the full matrixed organization.
Steve, VP

Bill, CTO
She inspires people to see their potential and to contribute to the larger goals of the organization.

Lala is a true leader, she knows how to develop individuals and managers to work to their highest potential.
Nir, VP.

While I didn’t report directly to Lala, she mentored everyone who came into either department – to ensure both their success and the success of the department. I can not say how important her support and guidance were in the early stages with both departments. Her guidance was always spot on and helped me avoid a number of pitfalls.
Chip, Developer

Lala Mamedov created an outstanding, customer-focused organization.
Her team exhibited high morale and commitment which is a rarity in a high-stress environment such as technical support. Her team had the lowest turnover ratio in the company, while they had the most stressful and challenging work.
Roger, Senior Director

Lala was a manager who got the best out of her employees. She led by example and always had the customer in mind through every decision she made. Lala always asked her reports for input and would consider ideas that were presented to her. She allowed her employees to grow in their roles, giving them the right combination of guidance and support.
Carlo, Doctoral Candidate

As a manager, she built a very strong team, motivating them to grow professionally
John, Startup leader